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Sagi Erez

Sagi studied art in the academy of the art, Utrecht, Holland. Sagi got her D.A. at Glasgow school of art, Scotland. Sagi moved to the United State and studied art history at Carnegie Melon and her B.A. and M.A. in Cal State Northridge.
Now Sagi teaches and paint at her Sunnyvale studio. For her painting is “the union of nature and spirit”. She says:

“Life is a tapestry of happening, absorbing particular moods and points of view along the way. I wrap my subjects inside sensual fantastical textures to enfold then and protect them. I take images from my surroundings; shift them through my own interpretation of a reality. We have a never-ending love affair with our surroundings we have the ability to see the world from our own particular inner vision. There for, the meaning of my art belongs to you.”