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Janani Narayanan

Janani Narayanan  started art at a very young age. Growing up, as a kid she self taught painting and did art work at school and during her vacations.After moving to Bay Area, Northern California in 2001, she joined Sagi Art Studio in Sunnyvale to learn art formally. Ever since, what was just a hobby became her passion. Her medium of art is OIL on canvas and the technique used is smooth elegant blending. She seeks her inspirations from the nature, flowers,  Antelope canyons, Volcanos of Hawaii,  Sand dunes of Death Valley.

Being an Indian dancer, she incorporates the Indian myth and dance into her paintings. Panchaboothams - Five forces of nature, Gestures in Sand dunes, Offerings of Lava, are some of her works.

Janani also paints abstract subjects from nature. Streaks of  Light and Shadows, is a series featuring the antelope canyons.

Apart from being an artist,  Janani is a South Indian Classical Dancer . As a dancer she teaches and performs Classical dance in and around Bay Area. She has a school in Sunnyvale  where she conducts her classes for kids and adults. Visit She is also one of the co- founders of South Indian Dance troupe Sanhiti.