May 11, 2013

Student Art Workshop
Faria A+ Elementary School
Cupertino, CA

On May 11, 2013 VAFE conducted its first event, an art workshop for students at Faria A+ Elementary School. The VAFE workshop, a first of its kind in this area, brought approximately 180 students from Kindergarden through Fifth Grade, to school for three hours on a Saturday afternoon, a turnout, that far exceeded the expectations of both the school as well as our organization. Several still life compositions were placed in the hall. Artists from VAFE led the workshops and instructed students both on observation techniques as well as techniques for pencil shading, pen and watercolors. Students learned how to observe and draw light and different types of shadows. When students got to the wet medium they experimented with color mixing and translating their unique sense of observation of their chosen still life onto their canvas. With so many children learning in one big hal, it was amazing to see how immersed the children were in art and how peaceful and energizing the environment was. We look forward to more!