About us

Mission Valley Artists for Education (VAFE) is an organization of artists in the Cupertino area who have come together in support of a threefold objective: First and most important, to contribute a generous portion of VAFE sale proceeds to local schools; second, to support one another in the pursuit of arts; third, to supply local businesses with a consolidated source for local art. VAFE expects to host at least 4 - 8 events every year to showcase artists’ work, invite local businesses and donate 20% of all sales to local schools.

Membership VAFE accepts three types of members: Artists, Schools and Local Businesses. All types of memberships are free of charge but require members to register and grant VAFE permission to list their names and/or logos on VAFE’s website at VAFE.org.

Artists Artists join VAFE free of charge as long as they participate in at least one event in a year. Artists are required to pay a minimal exhibitors fee of $40 per event. Artists are also required to donate 20% of their sales to local schools as determined by VAFE prior to each event. VAFE reserves the right to change exhibitor fees with prior notice to member artists. VAFE will market each event within the community and provide a venue. VAFE reserves the right to reschedule or cancel any event. If an event is canceled VAFE will refund all exhibitor fees to member artists.

Schools All local Cupertino schools are automatically eligible to for membership to VAFE. VAFE will contact each individual school and determine their interest in receiving donations as well as obtain permission to list their names and logos on VAFE.org.

Businesses All businesses with offices or retail locations in the Cupertino area are eligible for membership to VAFE. VAFE will contact businesses and determine their interest supporting local schools and local artists.  Businesses will be invited to send representatives to events and will also be provided with advertising opportunities.

Other Programs VAFE will also conduct art programs and workshops to educate and promote both visual and performing arts. VAFE will partner with local schools, after-schools and enrichment programs to create opportunities for Cupertino area children and their families to learn and experience art.